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Dee Pruett, Singing Bible Drill All Free Music for All Ages. Red, Blue, and Green Cycle Bible Drill verses,arranged to familiar hymns (let's teach new generations, some of our great, old hymns) and melodies by dee downey pruett and Singing Bible Drill . . . Everyone is a winner, Even a beginner, When you're learning about the Bible! Listen, learn, move, read, sing along, memorize and share God's Holy Word. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for new postings of Read and Sing Along Bible videos. Yes, Jesus Loves YOU! Love and God Bless, dee downey pruett

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Books of the Bible Song

Children's Key Passages Review
Blue Cycle

Isaiah 40:31 KJV Youth Blue

Philippians 1:27 KJV Youth Blue

Armour of God

Special Thanks to: Ron Downey, Jim Davidson, Rob Bradley, Nori Kelley and family, Barbie, Lizze and Cynthea, Josh Pruett, Paul Harbison, Todd Brothers, Farrah Kilgo, Simone Colvin, Ivalee Baptist Church Family, David, Austin, and Abby Lockridge, Bradney and Benjamin Downey, Derrick and Dalton Downey, Steve Jones, Betty Cornelius, and many more who have shared time and talents over the years in producing the Singing Bible Drill verses. Thanks to Kevin Yates and friends for assistance in video productions uploaded to YouTube. Thanks to Laura Sultan of Paramaya Web Consulting for years of web development of this website.

Everyone is a Winner, even a Beginner,
When you’re learning about the Bible!

We are making all of the Singing Bible Drills available as FREE Downloads.... Help us get God’s Word out! I am thankful for God's blessings. I feel NOW is the Time to share the Good News... Yes, Jesus loves you! Make and share as “Jesus loves you” gifts as many copies of the Singing Bible Drill and Everyone is a Winner CD’s as you would like to give. You are welcome to make copies of all the teaching materials which goes along with the Singing Bible Drill CD’s including Bible Bookmarks.... Read and Sing Along!

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May God Richly Bless you and yours as you're learning about the Bible!

Love in Christ Jesus, Dee Downey Pruett

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