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Everyone is a Winner! The Books of the Bible Song Piano Sheet Music

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Helpful Hints
  • Open the Bible to the first fourth and you will find First Samuel and the History Books.
  • Open Your Bible to the middle, that is one half and you'll find Psalms.
  • Open the Bible to the last fourth and you'll find Matthew and the New Testament Books.

Book Drill - In the Book Drill, I will call a book of the Bible. Upon the call of "Start", you will have 10 seconds to find any pages in that book, place your index finger on the page, and step forward one step. Be prepared to name the book that comes before the one called, the book called, and the book that comes after the one called.

Answer: Matthew     Mark    Luke

May God Bless You when you're learning about the Bible...

Leaders, Start a Children's Bible Drill with your group! Remember the Singing Bible Drill theme, "Everyone is a winner, Even a Beginner, When you're learning about the Bible". If at all possible, find a way to encourage and reward each participant. We have used certificates, medals, trophies and T-shirts printed with the group's name and favorite Bible Verse. Two weeks before the church drill, you may want to have a church lock-in or evening fellowship with practice drills and games.

The goal is to find the key passages and books within 10 seconds. The Children's Bible Drill is a team and everyone should encourage each other. Joan Brooks, a long time Bible Drill Instructor in Gadsden, AL says, "You're not racing against each other, you are racing against the clock!" Everyone that beats the clock, gets credit, not just the first person to step forward.

For information on conducting a Children's Bible Drill in your church, contact your home state's Baptist Board of Missions, Discipleship/Family Ministries Department. Your State's Baptist Mission Board should be able to provide you with copies of the Leaders'/Judges' Guide and children's leaflets of the Bible Verses for the Children's Bible Drill. (The Singing Bible Drill goes along with these verses.)

The Singing Bible Drill Learning Poster is a great resource. The "Everone is a winner" Piano & Choral Music is great for Children's choirs and performances.

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